How do I set up my memberships?

In this article you can read all about memberships. There will be a step by step explanation on how to set these up.

1. Go to your dashboard

2. Click on _Settings_

FAQ Memberships 1

3. Scroll down
4. Click on _Memberships_

FAQ Memberships 2

5. Scroll up
6. Click on _Add new_

FAQ Memberships 3

7. Fill in all the requested information of your membership

FAQ Memberships 4

8. You have now created a membership type
9. Go back to settings
10. Scroll down
11. Click on _Appointment types_

FAQ Memberships 5

Note: You will have to follow these steps with every individual appointment type. This example will show a 60 min appointment type, but these steps can be applied to all appointment types or packages

12. Click on an appointment type
13. The pop-up screen for this appointment type will now show, scroll down
14. Click on _Memberships_

FAQ Memberships 6

15. A pop-up screen will open and show the membership types you just created.
16. Decide the price for all the different memberships (the example will only show one membership)
17. Click on _Save_
18. Do this for all the appointment types with membership prices.

FAQ Memberships 7

Note: The prizes will be saved when you press the save button for the membership prizes. You can’t, and don’t have to, update the appointment type. Just click on _Close_

Assigning memberships

19. Click on _Dashboard_
20. Click on _Client_

FAQ memberships 8

21. Filter and Select the clients you want to assign a membership
22. Click on _Set memberships_

FAQ Memberships 9

23. Select one of the memberships you have created
24. Click on _Set_

FAQ Memberships 10

25. You have now set up your memberships
26. Clients with this membership will now see the prices you have set for this membership