What is the difference between Full and Assisted setup for a branded app

In this article, we will explain the difference between choosing a Full and Assisted setup for the branded app

Full setup (EUR/USD 499)

When choosing Full setup support, ProAgenda will take care of all steps necessary to build the app and submit it to the different stores (Apple and Google). As ProAgenda takes care of all of this, no form of technical knowledge is required on the client's side. All apps will be published on ProAgenda's developer accounts, and thus ProAgenda will be shown as the official developer of the app.

Assisted setup (EUR/USD 299)

When choosing Assisted setup, ProAgenda will only assist in the setup process where necessary. Necessary means the processes the client does not have access to, like the actual building of the apps and providing certain files to set up the app. Clients will create and manage their own Apple and Google developer accounts and thus upload their own apps to the Apple and Google store. This choice is only recommended when there is more than the average amount of technical knowledge available. ProAgenda will provide a setup guide to assist the client.

Pros and cons

Full Setup  
Pros Cons
No technical knowledge required No flexibility in app updates and changes
Everything taken care off Costs
No additional accounts needed ProAgenda shown as developer
Assisted setup  
Pros Cons
Flexibility in app updates and changes Technical knowledge required
Costs Macbook access required
Own name shown as developer Own developer accounts needed