Switching to an online golf booking system: how much time will it take me?

Switching to an online golf booking system

You might still be on the fence about switching to an online golf booking system because you don’t feel like spending too much time setting it up. You expect a huge workload that you simply don’t have time for. However, setting up an online golf booking system doesn’t have to take a lot of time - it’s actually very simple. The system can be fully set up within a few hours. It doesn’t make a difference if you switch from old school paperwork or from another digital environment. In this blog, we will take you through the process, where to begin and how time efficient it is to get the online golf booking system up and running.

How to get familiar with the online golf booking system

Golf professionals and academies often have a clear picture of how they want to set up the online golf booking system. It can range from basic to complicated, from one to dozens of different lesson types. As experts in the field of both software and golf, ProAgenda can provide valuable advice. This not only results in a good, efficient system but also a way for golf professionals to reflect on what they are offering. ProAgenda offers two ways to get familiar with their software, allowing golf professionals to choose their preferences.

#1 Get to know the online golf booking system by booking a personal demonstration

If you want to get started with the online golf booking system or discover the possibilities of golf scheduling software, the best and most simple way to get familiar with it is to book a free demo. This way an expert at ProAgenda will take you (in a video call) through all the features and benefits of the system. You can book a demo in just a few minutes, and the support team of ProAgenda is ready to take you through the simple and efficient use of the software. You will be guided through every step, from creating an account to setting up online payments. After this demonstration, the online golf booking system can go live within just one hour, depending on your wishes and needs.

#2 Discover the online golf booking system yourself by starting a trial

If you prefer to discover the online golf booking system on your own, you can start a free 30-day trial right away, which is completely guided by a simple virtual wizard. In this trial version, you can input settings about availability and lesson types and add a client base yourself. ProAgenda has an extensive support page that provides answers to the most frequently asked questions about setting up the system correctly. In addition, ProAgenda experts are always willing to offer extra support when needed.

#3 Our experts help you to set up the online golf booking system

You are not alone in this; the experts of ProAgenda will help you to set up the system perfectly. We will guide you in switching to the online golf booking system. Our experts can answer questions concerning the system setup, importing the client database, and taking care of a direct referral from a website via a link. Setting up the mail system so clients receive automatic reminders and setting up online payments can also be completely explained by the experts of ProAgenda. This way, you’ll spend only the minimum of time necessary to set up and understand the online golf booking system.

Time saved while using the online golf booking system

Depending on the complexity of the wishes and needs, the online golf booking system can be set up in just a few hours or up to one day at the most. This way, you can use the software almost immediately. Once it is up and running, the system saves you about 30 to 60 minutes of time every day. This will vary depending on whether you are an independent golf professional or an academy. As a head professional at an academy, you can save even more time on administration. You’ll no longer have to compare separate agendas or handle calls and emails of clients. No more waiting for messages from clients or occupied professionals - you’ll always have a complete overview. These are just examples of the different advantages the ProAgenda online golf booking system has to offer!

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