System update V22.05 - New package types

Hi All,

We have been working hard on some new features and fixes in the system. We wanted to take this opportunity to explain all about this update. For this update, we focused on adding new types of packages to make the new system even more flexible and adaptable. Packages are an important part of our system and your business, so we wanted to provide you with two more options.

New feature

  • New package type: Money
    • There is now a new option when it comes to offering packages and money. This way, the client purchases a package for a certain amount of money, and whenever the client books a lesson, they can see what balance they have left in the package. 
  • New package type: appointment types
    • A package can be made with specific appointment types. The pro can, for example, select a package existing of the following lessons: 2x 30 minutes lesson, 1x court lesson, and 1x fitting. This way, a pro can offer packages with a specific goal.

  • Academy | Voucher system has been improved in many aspects
  • Academy | Fixed the issue where the head pro saw the wrong appointment types
  • Pro | Restored pro export that is reporting to the former status
  • General | Fixed some issues with booking group appointments on mobile devices
  • General | Fixed the appearance issues on smaller devices concerning branding
  • General | Fixed issue where double-clicking caused a duplicate booking
  • General | Prices can now be altered in existing appointments
  • General | Package page is now working without the client having to be logged in
  • Client | Fixed screen when there was no package available

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