System update V23.03

System update V23.03

Hi All,

We have once again improved our system for online bookings and academy management. As you know, we strive to uphold our quality and customer experience. Read all about this month's update. 

New Feature

Peak periods have changed to pricing periods, allowing for multiple pricing periods. With pricing periods, you can now set up as many different pricing as you want. A pricing period can be set for specific days, times, and even time periods.

Want to set peak times in the evening but also attractive prices for early birds? no Problem! Want to charge a different price during a holiday period? No problem! The possibilities are almost limitless.


  • Academy | Memberships can no have price set as 0,-
  • Academy | Resources locations can now be ordered and managed 
  • Client | Notification will show when there aren't any resources or appointment types available in the appointment slot
  • General | Integrated single sign with Club Prophet systems
Academy | Appointment packages no longer duplicate in package settings
Academy | Fixed incorrect time format in the appointments
Academy | Fixed the issue when opening the external agenda appointments
Academy | Improved the time selection dropdown in appointments
Academy | Fixed the issue with booking the first available resource setting
Academy | Fixed the issue with (de)selecting the location in the academy setting
Academy | Fixed issue where the academy booking page didn't check the booking expiration date
Academy | Fixed issue where in some cases, individual pro agendas were not showing
Pro/Academy |  Fixed checkbox issue visible for clients
Pro/Academy |  Fixed recurring appointment issues
Pro/Academy | Appointment price is now updated when editing an appointment to a different time
Pro | Fixed wrong date format in the ' packages valid till column
Client | System will send conformation for appointment bookings where the price is 0,-

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