5 tips of gaining more insight into the efficiency of your golf academy

What to do when a golf professional is not using his lessons efficiently in relation to his availability? Which data can be used to train your professionals even better? And how do you urge your clients to book another lesson? ProAgenda software’s reports will give you these, and more important, and valuable insights in how to run your golf academy in a more efficient way. In this blog, we will provide you with five pieces of advice about the different insights you can use to achieve even better results.

Tip 1: Focus on availability for more booked lessons at your golf academy

In golf management software such as ProAgenda, you can easily see which professionals are still available in a specific period. You can then immediately use this intel to promote that pro’s lessons and encourage them to commit more to their own sales and retention. Clear data like this has a stimulating effect to motivate professionals to fill up the agenda.

Tip 2: Occupancy rate versus capacity

Are all lessons fully booked, or does the agenda seem rather empty? And what does this mean for the occupancy rate of the academy? The reports of the ProAgenda golf management software allow you to quickly obtain valuable information about when lessons are fully booked and when they’re insufficiently scheduled. This allows you to evaluate if lessons are scheduled at correct and efficient times, and you can determine whether certain slight changes would result in more booked lessons.

Tip 3: Which lesson types work well at your golf academy, and which don't

Does a certain type of lesson run extremely well? Are others lagging? You should take a closer look at the range of courses provided. Why is it that half-hour lessons are booked more often than one-hour lessons? As a head professional of the academy, this intel allows you to take steps to modify the range of classes or adjust the promotion of these lessons according to what the data tells you.

Tip 4: Follow up with customers to encourage retention at your golf academy

One of the most efficient ways to fill the agenda of your academy is through retention. You want to encourage immediate bookings of follow up lessons. ProAgenda’s reports provide insights into this data: do customers rebook classes immediately or do they wait? With that information, you can encourage the golf professionals to entice customers to reopen the agenda and book an extra class. Whether this is achieved through a personal approach or by sending automatic follow-up emails, the data gives valuable insights for improving retention.

Tip 5: Get a grip on your finances

Not only does the golf management software help you analyze booked lessons and use this valuable information to increase occupancy rates, the reports also provide information to help you increase the efficiency of the administrative processes. Get a grip on your finances by collecting data about the turnover in a certain period, specified per professional. You can easily download reports from which commissions can be calculated. You will no longer have to calculate everything manually, instead having the option to download financial data in an easy and efficient way.

Tools for getting started with an online booking system

Are you curious about which insights ProAgenda golf management software reports can bring you and how this can help you run your golf academy more efficiently? Don’t hesitate to download the toolkit to experience what the reports could do for your academy.