What is a golf lesson booking system?

ProAgenda is a golf lesson booking system. This is a CRM system in which you can automate all scheduled tasks, send reminders, receive payments and much more. It mostly focuses on the work that grows your business.

Golf lesson booking system

The benefits of a golf lesson booking system

There are a lot of benefits of using a golf lesson booking system. The main advantages of a golf lesson booking system are:

  • Online visibility
  • A packed agenda
  • Automated communication
  • Save time
  • Accepting online payments

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3 reasons to use a golf lesson booking system

Through the ProAgenda system you can obtain insight into what is working for your golf academy and which parts need some improvement. So why should you choose a golf lesson booking system?

  1. You have a huge amount of time
  2. You gain much more insight into important data
  3. The insight will help you to grow your academies business
Accept online payments

How to plan your golf classes effectively with a golf lesson booking system?

Through the ProAgenda software it is possible to quickly book your golf lesson. The booking system is available via smartphone app or website. The user can reserve a time slot and immediately go to payment check out. After payment the user is assured of a lesson at your academy. Want to learn more?


Comparing different golf lesson booking systems

With the increasing number of bookings online, in almost every industry, it is obvious that there are currently a lot of providers in the field of golf lesson booking systems. Do you want to know which software is the best match for your academy? We have compared the ProAgenda software to others and will show you all the advantages of using ProAgenda in this blog.

Comparing different golf lessons booking systems

How do I set up a golf lesson booking system?

It is not a big deal if you are not comfortable with computers. To implement a golf lesson booking system you only need to do a few things. First, set up the lesson types you offer. Second, create or upload a client database. How do you do this? We are here to help!

Academy management-1

Switching to a golf lesson booking system

You are probably using Excel as a golf lesson booking system right now. Let us show you how you can switch form your Excel files to the ProAgenda software. One of the most crucial steps is ensuring you upload your clients to the software. We can help you with that!


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