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In today's world of technology, how do I catch up with an online booking system?

The world is becoming more digitized. Most processes are going online or are being supported by an online platform. We can imagine that if you are not tech-savvy, this could be a massive change in your daily routine. The switch to an online service is more accessible than you might imagine and, eventually, will even save you a lot of time and effort in the future.

How many times are you still calling to order things? How often do you book appointments online? As you might notice, your daily life contains more contact with online platforms than you might have thought. This trend is translating into sports and other disciplines as well. Especially with a new online-focused generation, being visible online is more important than ever! On this page, we will give you an insight into the following topics:

1. Why do you need an online booking system?
2. Why is an online booking system the solution?
3. What are the benefits of an online booking system?
4. How do I set up an online booking system?

Why do you need an golf online booking system?

An online booking platform might seem like a luxury for a task quickly done by hand. This is, however, not the case. An online booking platform adds a lot of value to your business in multiple aspects: saving time, financials, personal contact, bookings, and speaking to a younger generation of golfers. 

All these factors benefit from switching to an online booking platform. Add on top that the world is generally switching to online solutions; you simply cannot be left behind. Having all your data in one online environment is much more accessible than keeping multiple diaries for all your notes, financials, and bookings. We can give you loads of reasons why your academy can benefit from golf management software. But it is better to see 3 more reasons for yourself!


Why is a golf online booking system the solution?

A booking system tracks all the bookings done by your clients, giving you an up-to-date overview of all the booked lessons of the day. It is possible to see which client paid, which client bought a package, and which clients haven’t booked a lesson for some time. All these factors are visible with just a couple of clicks, instead of having to go through all your paper diaries to find information about your clients. 

Having a booking platform means being bookable 24/7. You no longer must exchange emails or phone calls to get booked. Your clients can see your availability anywhere, anytime they want. Being bookable 24/7 results in more bookings and a fuller agenda. Clients see your availability within a couple of clicks and can select the best time for them right away. No more actions are needed. Before every lesson, your client will get an automated reminder of the booked lesson; this way, no-shows are less likely. Need more advantages? This just tapped the surface of the benefits of online booking software. We made a list with more advantages of an online booking system that offers the perfect solution.


Adding online payments to your golf online booking system

Online payments are what the word says: Payments that can be done online via a system or platform.

This is often used in online stores and booking sites. This is something that can easily be implemented to your golf business. When clients book a lesson, they’ll have to pay straight away minimizing the no-shows since they’ve already paid for their lesson. Saving you time to organize your finances.

Accept online payments

What are the benefits of a golf online booking system?

The benefits of an online booking system can be summarized as follows:

  • New experience with personal contact
  • Booking a lesson becomes more accessible
  • A new generation of golfers is online
  • Customizable availability
  • Tailored to the needs of a golf professional

These are the five general benefits of online booking software. Read more about all these benefits in our blog: 5 reasons why all golf professionals need golf scheduling software. 


How do I set up a golf online booking system?

Switching to an online booking system might seem like a big deal and a time investment. This is, however, not the case. Switching to an online booking system requires a couple of simple steps. There are just a few different factors to keep in mind. 

These factors make for an easy switch to the new online system and prevent any struggles along the way.  If you have all your data in Excel, this makes it even easier to switch to an online booking system. Just import your files, fill in your availability, and you are ready to start.

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