A golf booking system, how does it work?

A guide to a golf booking system

Significantly time savings, higher rates of bookings, automated communication and administration, and extensive online visibility. Using golf scheduling software provides the greatest benefits. But how does an online golf booking system work? Can we convince you to get rid of paper agendas and countless receipts once and for all? In this blog, we’ll explain how a golf booking system works and how the transition to online systems is going. 

To start with a golf booking system

Don’t worry if you’re not great with computers. To get a golf booking system up and running, you’ll only need to do two things: set up the lesson types you offer, and create or upload a client database. Once done, a mass email can be sent out to the clients to invite them to schedule a lesson. Your golf lessons will also become more accessible for new, potential customers due to the option to post a link on a website as either a plain link, a button, or an image. These will lead your customers directly to the golf online booking system. 

Features of a golf booking system

Scheduling, online payments, and unlimited email notifications - the basics of the golf booking system include these advantages, and offer a variety of great, unique features that will make your life as a golf professional so much easier. But if you are willing to go the extra mile, the system offers countless possibilities for expansion, such as a complete academy agenda, a branded booking site, one-on-one training options, and the ability to link multiple lesson types or schedule group lessons. And the list of features keeps on growing. The ProAgenda team will always listen to feedback to inform the creation of updates to fit technical standard requirements and provide services to fit the golfers’ needs. Because the ProAgenda golf booking system is built by golf professionals, for golf professionals, the focus is always to keep evolving in line with their needs.

Ease of use with a golf booking system

The golf booking system is a valuable and easy-to-use resource for you as a golf professional, and your clients will also experience and appreciate the convenience and efficiency of the software. ProAgenda designed a smartphone app where the golfer can find an overview of the available lessons and directly book a lesson in just two clicks. It doesn’t get any easier than this. 

Step-by-step guidance to set up the golf booking system

So much to do, but so little time? Setting up the golf booking system or switching from another system to ProAgenda takes little time and effort. Do you want to start setting up an online golf booking system but don’t know where to start? At ProAgenda, you can easily book a demo, after which an experienced ProAgenda product expert will provide step-by-step support. Using our extensive expertise in golf and software, we will advise you while setting up the system and guide you through the whole process until the system works properly. After the launch of your booking system, the ProAgenda support team stands ready for extra support as needed. 

Discover if golf scheduling software is the right fit for your academy

ProAgenda’s state-of-the-art online booking system is already being used by over 1000 golf professionals worldwide. Find out more about the online booking system and how the software can benefit you by completing the checklist ‘Is an online booking system right for me?’