5 reasons why all golf professionals need golf scheduling software

Golf scheduling software

The online world can’t be ignored these days, even in the golf industry. For this reason, more and more golf professionals are switching to an online booking system. Golf scheduling software makes the lives of many golf professionals easier and more efficient. Is your organization not yet using golf scheduling software? In this blog, we will tell you the five most important reasons why you need it!

Reason #1: You'll experience personal contact from a new perspective with golf scheduling software

You might be slightly wary of using golf scheduling software because you enjoy giving your customers personal attention. You’re afraid you’ll miss out on the extra moments of contact when your clients book a lesson by phone or at the front desk. However, one does not have to exclude the other. Using the online booking system saves you time, which you can convert to even more personal contact.

Golf scheduling software aims to create easy and valuable contact moments with your clients. With the software, you can send personal emails after a booking or after a private lesson, but you can also send all your clients a message in one go. 

Reason #2: Booking a golf lesson becomes more accessible with golf scheduling software

By using the golf scheduling software, you will be able to get an appointment with your customer faster and easier without communicating back and forth or having to answer emails. When a golfer has had a great lesson and wants to practice his swing on short notice, he’ll be able to book another moment of contact immediately. This will result in a lasting relationship. Your accessibility and the desired communication will both improve.

Reason #3: The new generation of golfers is orientating online

More than 85% of young people, the increasing population of golfers, make extensive use of smartphones, tablets and computers. You most likely miss out on potential customers by not using an online booking system or golf scheduling software. To make the software even more accessible for every potential client, we created our mobile app, with which anyone can book lessons faster and easier. Get ahead of your competition and tempt your customers to schedule a lesson and build and maintain a lasting academy-client relationship by using an online booking system.

Reason #4: You can instantly customize your availability in online scheduling software

You and your colleagues can easily schedule, add and change lessons. Do you have time for extra lessons? The golf scheduling software is the easiest and most effective way to add lessons to your schedule, even with the possibility of sending notifications to your customers. Did one of your clients call in sick for an afternoon session? By using the software, it’s more likely you will be able to fill this blank spot in your agenda. The customers themselves will always have an instant overview of your availability and reserve at their moment of preference at your facility.

Reason #5: Golf scheduling software is developed with your needs in mind

ProAgenda was founded by experienced golf professionals. They know your needs as well as the needs of your clients. In contrast to software developed for sports in general, ProAgenda's online booking system offers a clear added value. The software was developed with the demands of golfers and golf professionals in mind and is constantly being updated with user feedback, including feedback from more than 1000 professionals worldwide.

Golf scheduling software is an important new asset for booking lessons, arranging availability, and improving personal service. A switch may look like a hustle, but we assure you it is not. Switching to golf scheduling software is definitely worth the time investment. Do we need to give you any more reasons?

Discover if golf scheduling software is the right fit for you or your academy

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