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What are online payments?

Online payments are what the word says: Payments that can be done online through a system or platform. Online payments are a great tool for online stores and booking sites that you can implement quickly in your golf business. When clients book a lesson, they’ll have to pay straight away, minimizing the no-shows since they’ve already paid for their appointment and saving you lots of time tracking payment statuses.  

ProAgenda offers an all-in solution for receiving online payments without taking any commissions on this service. Your business means your revenue. Please read further for more info about using and setting up online payments. 

1. What benefits do online payments have within golf scheduling software?
2. How do online payments help me administrate my golf academy?
3. How can I motivate my clients to pay through online payments in golf scheduling software?
4. How do I set up online payments in my golf academy?

What benefits do online payments offer within golf scheduling software?

Payments are an essential part of your business. You are offering excellent services and need to get paid. There are multiple methods to arrange payments. Cash, debit cards, online payments, or even direct payment requests through Whatsapp are the most thought of when it comes to payment methods. It can be hard to stay organized and keep track of outstanding amounts when you use numerous payment options. 

Accepting online payments will result in direct payment. Modern-day, it's no longer unusual to ask your clients to pay for their lesson upfront. Obliging your clients to fulfill the amount to confirm their booking and directly receiving payments has 2 main benefits. 

1) You don't have to worry about receiving the payment, saving you inconvenient conversations with your clients about getting paid;

2) You determine the terms with late cancellations or no-shows. 

Online payments are also great for saving time on your administration. Within a couple of clicks, the ProAgenda tells you if your client has paid for their lesson. You no longer have to count all the different bills and try not to lose them. Do you need more reasons for an online booking system? Click on the button below.

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How do online payments help me with the administration of my golf academy?

Administrative tasks can be very time-consuming, especially all the incoming payments and keeping track of outstanding amounts. Has the client paid in advance, or are they paying in cash at the start of the lesson? After a busy week, you don't want to worry about this time-consuming task, which can become confusing without periodic monitoring. 

Integrating an online payment option into your booking system can simplify this process massively. The system keeps track of online payments and which clients paid in cash at the start of the lesson; you can always keep this open if you desire to offer this. You no longer have to maintain the records manually; the system will do it for you.

Save time, and there's less room for error and mistakes. It also gives you a better overview of the money that runs into your business. Without having to spend hours developing graphics and reports. Want to know more about using ProAgenda reporting tools in combination with online payments? We wrote an interesting blog about it:


How can I motivate the current clients of my golf academy to pay through online payments?

For some clients, it might be challenging to switch to online payments, and some clients prefer paying with cash. They might not be motivated to change right away to the online method. So how can you encourage your clients to switch to online payments when they are not inclined to do so?

There is a straightforward thing you can do: Select online payments as your online payment option. It might be aggressive, but it ensures all your clients will have to pay directly. It will help you to take your business entirely online straight away.
Is there a part of your clientele that might not understand technology as well or might need a longer time to adapt? Switch payment methods could be too aggressive for you to do straight away. For example, many of your clients are part of an older generation, not tech-savvy. For the first month or two, you can keep the option for alternative payment options open to ensure that everyone can still book a lesson. You are giving your clients time to explain how it will work and why it'll make booking even easier for you and your clients. It is essential to focus on the benefits for both sides. It saves them time; they can pay immediately and don't have to consider payments after the booking. 


Is it easy to set up online payments in my golf academy?

It is very straightforward to switch to online payments in our booking system. By using Stripe, all your payments are secured and safely regulated in your account. We made a step-by-step guide to setting up online payments in your account. Please click below for more info:

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Adding packages to your online booking system

The way you sell your lessons can determine how many lessons you might sell. Have you ever thought about selling your lessons in packages? You might already offer a couple of packages to your clients, adding value to your academy. We explain how to use ProAgendas' different package types and how to set these up to be even more efficient. 




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