How to use reports better and faster for your golf academy

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How great would it be if you could see, in just one glance, how many lessons have been booked, which lesson types score best, or how much commission you must pay? The report features of ProAgenda offer a solution by providing immediate insights into various aspects involved in the sales of your academy. Within just a few seconds, you can visualize the overall performance of your academy. In this blog, we will explain how to quickly deploy reports and which insights they can provide you with. These reports will help you become the most efficient and effective golf academy head professional imaginable.

How reports can help to grow your golf academy

To be able to perform optimally as a head professional, it is important to be aware of the overall performance of your academy. Important insights in data, which give you valuable information regarding the overall performance of your academy, can help you optimize business operations. The reports give you clearly visualized insights into specific aspects of your business, from booked lessons to the most popular lesson types, and from the availability of golf professionals to client intel. With these reports, you can manage your professionals even better. The data will help you to grow your golf academy and improve your efficiency. The reports can also serve as a base to determine new objectives or KPIs (key performance indicators).

Improve your golf academy services for your clients

Your customers are the most important people in your business, and it is crucial to keep your focus on them. Precisely for that reason, you’ll need to have access to data with which you can serve the customers better. The reports give you insights into which customers book the most lessons and which are lagging. With this information, you will be able to carry out your marketing activities in a more targeted way and encourage your customers to book a lesson.

Commercially managing your golf professionals

How many lessons have been booked, which packages sell best, and what is the occupancy rate of each golf professional in the academy? Another important way of using the reports is by drawing useful commercial conclusions from them. You can use insights from the reports to train your professionals to improve their sales and to help them set targets. For instance, if you were to conclude that a professional is only using 30% of his capacity, this will tell you that they need help managing their time better. Reports also provide insights into less sold lessons. As a head professional, you can use this information to make evaluations: will we continue offering these lessons, or replace them with more marketable alternatives? Or is it better to offer these lessons for a different time or day?

Periodic insights to run your golf academy

By frequently consulting the reports, you can periodically gain valuable information. You can access the reports at any time or during specific desired timeframes. With just one push of a button, you can choose to run a daily, weekly or monthly report. The ProAgenda golf management software and the associated reports are very easy to use and interpret. You can read the data in both figures and graphs, letting you choose the way that suits you best. Reports can be downloaded from saved templates for easy comparison. It is no longer necessary to save several files on your computer; you can easily access all data at any time.

Calculating the commissions in the golf management software

You will no longer have to manually calculate the commission fees that should be paid to the golf professionals. With just one click, you can calculate the turnover per professional and the associated commission. Worldwide, over 90% of ProAgenda’s golf management software is being used to efficiently calculate commission fees. The data regarding turnover can easily be retrieved from the system, even when you’re searching for periods of time from the past. No more separate Excel sheets or agendas; everything is combined into just one system. In addition, the reports provide a good basis to keep the head pro up to date on what is happening within the academy. 

Tools for getting started with an online booking system

If you want to avoid missing out on information about what is going on in your academy and want to gain valuable information on where to improve and grow your business, do not hesitate to get started with ProAgenda Golf Management Software. Download the toolkit to see for yourself the valuable operational and commercial insights the reports can provide.