Business Intelligence for golf academies: utilize data to drive revenue

Business Intelligence for golf academies: utilize data to drive revenue

You collect data daily: which lessons are booked, which offer works well, which classes are less popular, and how regularly customers return to the golf course to take extra lessons. This is all valuable information that only becomes beneficial if you use it to improve your business. This is where Business Intelligence comes in. In this blog, we will tell you how you can convert this business intelligence and the availability of knowledge to actually drive revenue.

It all starts with the KPI of your golf academy

Before we get started with business intelligence, you will first have to formulate objectives, the so-called KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). What are your ambitions as a golf academy? Do you intend to have more returning customers or is your main goal to increase the overall occupancy rate? It is important to establish these indicators first so that you know where to focus when collecting and interpreting the available data.

What is BI (Business Intelligence)?

Business Intelligence aims to use the data present in the organization as knowledge for better management of business processes. Knowledge about the occupancy rate, availability of golf professionals and the numbers of retained customers are examples of data that you collect with which you can extract valuable knowledge through good analysis. This knowledge can be converted to enable the academy to make both operational and strategic decisions.

How Business Intelligence is integrated in the golf management software

Within the ProAgenda academy management software, the data from your classes, customers and golf professionals is collected and automatically converted into reports. Valuable information (BI) can easily be read in these reports. They provide a total overview of the academy’s performance. You can then consult information such as booked lessons, the most popular classes, the availability of the professionals and client intel. With the knowledge provided by these reports, you will be able to make decisions that lead to greater success and more revenue. By adjusting your offering and by continuing to measure successes, you can continue to collect information which can help you to attain a higher occupancy rate.

How to get the maximum outcome from Business Intelligence

A good dashboard, like the one in ProAgenda’s golf academy management software, is of great importance to effectively deploy BI. After all, you want a dashboard that is presented simply and unambiguously, so that everyone who uses it interprets the data in a similar way. In addition, as reported earlier in this blog, it is important to properly formulate the KPIs and to use them as a starting point for the dashboard. ProAgenda is happy to advise you in drawing up a good, informative dashboard from which you can draw knowledge easily and effectively.

How to grow your golf academy?

To grow your golf academy and improve your business operations, it is important to convert data into knowledge that you, as the head professional of a golf academy, can immediately use to adjust your offers or business processes. Are you interested in learning more about these benefits? Download the case of reference to learn more about the CRM system from a user’s perspective.

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In the reference, you can read more about Albert Pistorius, golf pro at Country Hills Golf Club and enthusiastic user of ProAgenda. He tells you more about his experiences with the best online booking systems for golf pro's. Download the reference via the button below.

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