Integrating a golf reservation system with my golf academy, how can I do this?

Integrating a golf reservation system with my golf academy

You might be prevented from setting up an entire reservation system because you already know how to run your golf business well or because you do not have the knowledge or time to integrate such a system into your academy. In this blog, we explain to you how to tackle this lack of knowledge or time and how ProAgenda can be of added value to you during the process of integrating an entirely new system into your golf academy.

Integration of a golf reservation system requires good preparation

To get the most out of an online booking system, it is vital to prepare well for its implementation.
Sure, it might cost you some time to prepare, but it will save you even more time once integrated. To ensure a smooth implementation, we advise you to take the following steps:

  • Collect your customers' data, and ensure you have a good database – preferably in an Excel file. This way, you can upload the data within just a short time;
  • Collect all data related to already booked lessons. Make sure you can link these appointments directly to customers in the reservation system to prevent double-booked lessons;
  • Once collected, upload the data into the system or add it manually. This way, all data is ready to go, and you can get started with the software

Don’t rush things during the process of implementing the software

A major pitfall of golf academies is that they are so excited about using the software that they want to start launching it too soon. We can imagine the excitement; you would like to experience the
benefits of using the software immediately. However, we advise you to ensure that everything in the system is perfect. Start by thinking carefully: what do my customers really need before applying this in the system? It is wise to go through the process of booking a lesson in the software yourself – as a customer – to experience usability, as you might find that some features need to be adjusted.

Connect communication channels with the golf reservation system

You can easily integrate a golf reservation system into your academy’s communication channels. With just a link, button, or QR code, you can directly connect to the system on your website, via social media, or even on posters or leaflets. Via the link, customers can visit the reservation system directly and book a lesson of their choice. Conversely, the golf reservation system can send automatic emails to customers to, for example, draw their attention to their next lesson or to encourage them to book an extra lesson on the golf course.

The support of ProAgenda

If setting up the system, keeping it up to date, or integrating communication channels is just a bridge too far for you, ProAgenda’s support can offer solutions. To get started with the software, you can book a non-binding demo, after which one of our experienced golf professionals will provide you with step-by-step support. Using our experience in golf and software, we will guide you through the whole process. After the launch of your booking system, the ProAgenda support team is easily accessible for extra help as needed. Once using the system, ProAgenda continues to monitor whether the system is functioning correctly and meeting your wishes and needs. When there are significant updates, ProAgenda organizes quarterly webinars in which the changes and improvements are presented and explained. The ProAgenda helpdesk, where you can report questions or problems, is also easily accessible.

Convinced that you can no longer delay the integration of golf management software and would you like to experience the benefits of the software? We invite you to book a free online demo and guide you through all the features that can add value to your business.  

Discover if golf scheduling software is the right fit for your academy

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