What the support of ProAgenda means for you during your switch to an online system

When switching to a new system, or when you have just started using it, you can run into questions, encounter obstacles, or completely get stuck. This applies even more if you are not familiar with digital applications. Good support is therefore very important. We also experience this at ProAgenda, and have high standards for a good customer experience. One of our main objectives is to offer you support you can rely on, from setting up the system to additional support once the system is live. In this blog, we will tell you more about the ways ProAgenda can be of great value in supporting you when switching to and using the online booking system.

How ProAgenda can support you with our help center

Sharing knowledge, helping our (potential) clients, and personal contact. At ProAgenda we highly value a great customer experience. The ProAgenda support team is therefore always within reach. At ProAgenda, we believe it is important that you can always contact us with questions and to help fix any problems you might encounter. The helpdesk is always within reach for instant support, at least during office hours, until 5 pm (UTC+1 or UTC+2). If you need help or support at other times, you can always submit the question via email, and it will be answered within 24 hours.

Online support on-demand

We are happy to share our knowledge of how to use the software with all our users. New updates are therefore always accompanied by detailed explanations on the website. This way everyone is optimally informed. Our extensive FAQ page on the website provides additional support when looking for a solution as well. This way we offer both proactive and reactive support. We will provide guidance, even after setting up the system, on how to make optimal use of the software. We also greatly appreciate feedback and input from our users - we listen to our customers and improve our software as needed. ProAgenda stands for innovative solutions and therefore, in addition to the wishes and needs of the market, we closely monitor developments in technology. This results in an up-to-date and progressive booking system that is always focused on a good customer experience.

Support in setting up the online booking system

If you want to switch to the ProAgenda software, our team will take you through setting up the system step by step. No specific knowledge or digital experience is required. ProAgenda will help to ensure that the system is properly set up and that you’ll become proficient in this yourself. Training your team in how to use the golf scheduling software is also an option.

Request a demo

Are you interested in using the ProAgenda online booking system or do you personally want to find out how the support team of ProAgenda can be of your assistance? You can now book a free and non-binding demo to experience the possibilities of what the ProAgenda software has in store for you.