Online payment is a very important feature of an online booking system. Stripe offers a streamlined payment system to secure your payments. You'll no longer need to wait for real-life transactions. 

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Mail automation drastically changes e-mail marketing. It helps with the improvement of opens, clicks, and sales. Mailchimp offers a service to help with e-mail marketing to help with automation, e-mail analytics and reporting, and generating emails through AI.

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Egolf4U offers a support package for your golf course and golf academy. This software helps to simplify the golf booking system further and enhances the player experience.

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Inrange is a system developed to make the driving range a place to play, have fun, and practice. With their system, everyone has a great time golfing, not just the more experienced players. Inrange offers an amazing tracking system to boost every driving range and helps with training and analysis of your swing.

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Lightspeed is an amazing course management partner that supports daily operations like tee time scheduling. The system aims to help with an online presence by booking tee times from one simplified online sheet

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Club Prophet

Club Prophet offers an extensive service to support your Golf academy in many ways. From tee sheets, marketing, and member management Club Prophet has provided a great solution.

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Sendgrid is a tool to enhance email marketing. Use email templates, add automation, and more to enhance your email marketing strategy. 

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Crossover / Xpos

Xpos/crossover offers a great retail solution. One system to upload product pictures, add payment methods, and more. An easy way to take your store online.  

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Golfspot offers a Customer Data Platform for the golf market. The Customer Data Platform helps collect data from your tee sheet, event software, and more. Golfspot enriches users' profiles from all those applications, which allows for a better understanding of the customer and allows for better decision making.

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