5 best ways for golf academies to gain new customers

5 best ways for golf academies to gain new customers

As a golf academy you want to keep growing. You want your professionals to have enough bookings and want your courses to be booked as much as possible. If you have free time slots it means that you are losing money. This is valuable time to your academy and professionals. Basically, you are losing money if you aren’t booked. 

There are multiple ways to generate more clients to your golf academy:

  1. Focus on your marketing
  2. Have consistent social media posts
  3. Host an open day
  4. Be bookable 24/7
  5. Make sure you are being talked about

These 5 methods target different parts of your potential client group. How you can implement these different ways, we will explain in this blog.

Focus on the marketing of your golf academy

This might be something you might not think of immediately when you think of the promotion of your academy. It is, however, essential to focus on your online marketing. You want to be visible online and in search engines (Google, Bing etc.). This can be achieved by having the right search words on your page and creating the right content on your site. 

You want potential clients to be able to find you right away when they search for specific terms. Think of the location, the word golf, and any other things you might specialize in. Having them in headers, as the alt text for images, and frequently on your site may help potential clients find you without having to advertise and invest money in search engines.

Have consistent social media posts for your golf academy and professionals

A new generation is starting to golf, and this generation is online. An online presence could be very beneficial for gaining new customers and even staying in contact with current customers. Creating a community online is a great new way to keep in touch with your clients. People like to feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves. Creating a community at your golf academy can help gain and retain new customers.

Being visible on social media and creating a specific look and feel connected to your academy name can help you stand out from the crowd. Having your client associate a particular thought, picture, or feeling with your brand can help grow your academy.

Host an open day at your golf academy

Hosting an open day at your academy can help clients who still doubt giving golf a chance. Open days may also lower the barrier for new customers to start at your academy. 

Hosting an open day is a lot of work, but it gives you time to connect with new customers and speak to them directly instead of using social media as a form of communication. Use small talk with your clients and what they are looking for, and building that connection from day one can convert them into clients. When potential clients are present at your academy, they can feel the atmosphere of your academy in person.

Be bookable 24/7 with an online booking system

A big part of growing your academy is motivating your clients to book lessons. This can be done by making bookings very easy and accessible. A big part of being booked is being bookable all the time. Especially when it comes to motivating new clients to book a lesson. If they look at all your different lessons and decide to book one, it helps if they can do it right away. Going back and forth with a professional can be an obstacle. Removing such obstacles is a step in the right direction for gaining new customers. 

Using an online booking system can help with this since it will allow your clients to book right after a bad round of golf, giving them access to your availability whenever they feel they need it the most. Comparing booking systems can help you decide on the perfect fit. We compared our system to other golf booking systems for you! Please read all about this comparison in our recent blog.

Make sure your golf academy is talked about amongst your clients

This might be obvious, but having your clients talk about you at home or with their friends will get you more clients. Most people still very much rely on the peer opinions of their close ones. Leaving a good impression on your current client is very important when it comes to this.

Offering excellent service and having the time for personal attention is the way to good word-of-mouth. When a client feels that you are going out of your way to coach them and give them great tips and a fun experience, they can be very excited about it and tell it to their family and friends. By hearing the great stories, their family and friends might start to look to you whenever they want to start golfing or when they are unhappy about where they are currently.


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