Comparing different golf booking systems: ProAgenda versus others

With the increasing number of bookings online, in almost every industry, it is obvious that there are currently a lot of providers in the field of scheduling software. Which software is best suited for your academy? In this blog, we would like to take you through the advantages of using the ProAgenda software compared to others. We strongly believe that, with our knowledge of both software and golf, we can be of great value. If you do intend to switch, why not choose the most experienced and progressive provider?

The focus is on golf for developing the booking system

Most providers in the field of booking software are focused on sports in general. However, it does make a difference whether you offer sports lessons at a fitness center or on a golf course. The ProAgenda software was initially developed by and for golf professionals This focus results in great knowledge of the wishes and needs of the market. We have integrated all this knowledge into a system that is fully geared towards the golf industry.

An instant and total overview of availability

Unlike other scheduling software, the ProAgenda booking system has a unique feature of a total overview of the availability of multiple professionals. This ensures 100% convenience for the clients. When a client wants to book a lesson at a specific time but does not prefer a specific professional, they directly have insight into the availability of every professional, making it possible for them to book a lesson with just two clicks. This convenience results in more conversion and therefore into more revenue. The ProAgenda Academy platform is also very unique because the system is fully aimed at golf professionals, and the coaching module is geared toward this as well. Videos of training can be uploaded directly to the platform and linked to the clients’ profiles. While many academies currently use separate programs for bookings and coaching, the ProAgenda software provides both integrated into one system. This ensures optimal ease of use for both the golf professional and the client.

Continuous innovating and improving the ProAgenda Golf booking system

The software of ProAgenda is under continuous development. By linking our own experience in golf to the ever-innovating possibilities and modern techniques, we continue to improve our booking system. We listen to our users - now more than 1000 worldwide - to make our product even stronger and to tailor it even more to the wishes and needs of golf professionals.

The cheapest solution for an online booking system

The entry level of the ProAgenda booking system is very accessible because of the budget-friendly option of starting with a plan which covers all basics functionalities of a booking system, offering efficient scheduling, automated communication, and online payments. If you need more features, the plan can easily be upgraded. This is a way to focus more on your clients and generate more revenue for you or your academy.

Request a demo

To compare the ProAgenda software to what you might be using right now, we would like to invite you to book a free demonstration - no strings attached. This lets us talk to you about the strengths of our software and guide you through all the features which can be of added value to your business.