Why ProAgenda is the best revenue model for your business

How does the golf scheduling software of ProAgenda help increase the profits of your golf academy? In addition to the great features the booking system has to offer you and your customers, we also understand that you thrive on revenue. In this blog, we will give you the five reasons why the online booking system of ProAgenda is the best revenue model for your business.

#1 Higher return on investment

Because the costs of incorporating the ProAgenda software are rather low, you will have re-earned the investment of the annual contribution in no time. A quick calculation: if an hourly lesson at your facility costs $70 and the monthly fee for the ProAgenda basic plan (which already offers many great features) costs $9, then you will be able to pay the entire annual contribution with only two (extra) booked lessons. This way, all other extra lessons booked via the system directly contribute to more profit.

#2 A great customer experience contributes to better customer loyalty

A satisfied customer keeps returning. Because the software is easy to use for your customers, using the ProAgenda booking system directly contributes to a better customer experience. Booking a lesson is easier and faster. The bright and clear overview of available lessons (the green spots on the agenda) immediately encourages the customer to book for their moment of preference. Customer appreciate the option to pay online for lessons and the automatic confirmations and reminders.

#3 High conversion equals more revenue

As mentioned at #2, a customer can book a lesson easier and faster. This ease of use results in both customer loyalty and a higher conversion rate. In just two clicks, a client can book a spot in your calendar. This means that it’s no hassle to book a lesson (or two!) at your facility. Imagine a customer who has just completed a good round at your course being able to immediately book an extra lesson to practice his swing.

#4 More spontaneous bookings

Booking a lesson online is quick and easy, even for customers who are not familiar with your golf course. Potential customers who want to book a lesson at your golf academy can schedule a lesson directly through your website. For them it’s an easy way to become familiar with your facility, and for you it’s the perfect way to show them your golf academy and build customer loyalty.

#5 More time

We cannot emphasize enough that one of the biggest advantages of using the golf scheduling software of ProAgenda is that it saves you a lot of time. In fact, use of the online booking system saves you, as a golf professional or academy, between 30 and 60 minutes per day. You’ll spend less time on phone calls, answering emails, invoicing, and coordinating the agenda. This gives you more time for your core business or for spending a night with family or friends without being distracted.

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