Academy management in golf: how to plan your classes effectively?

A direct overview of the booked lessons, uploading swing analyses into the clients’ profile, and setting features entirely to your personal preference - sounds like the ideal world for every golf professional, right? Within academy scheduling software, you can create an account for every golf professional, which can be set up according to your needs and helps you to work more efficiently. In this blog, you’ll read how you can plan your classes effectively within the software.

Complete and real-time overview in bookings

Golf scheduling software allows you to run your golf academy like a pro. The platform is the ultimate academy solution through which you receive valuable information with just one click on the button. You will have access to clear academy reports in which you can discover which lesson type or golf professional is booked most often. Or get a grip on your financials while checking relevant financial data. 

How to plan your golf classes effectively

  • Report

    The reports of the academy management platform provide insight into data that apply to the whole academy.
  • Direct overview

    The academy staff can also get an overview of the lessons booked via the platform, making it possible to process booking inquiries from anywhere. The professionals can directly view the scheduled lessons in their ProAgenda. Here they can easily adjust their availability, set a holiday, or release extra available moments. If desired, this can be set several weeks in advance.
  • Reminders

    It is possible to set reminders, sending the client a reminder message a few hours in advance.
  • Invitations

    An automatic email can be sent after the lesson to invite the client to book another lesson.

How it works for the user

For a golfer, the use of the software is effortless. Via the website or the smartphone app, a client can immediately see when their preferred professional is available. The client can reserve a time slot directly and is able to checkout with the payment immediately. This way, the golfer is assured of a lesson at your golf academy.

Customized online booking page

A customized booking page and an extensive client board where you can consult your clients’ information at any time. A wide-ranging front office solution and adding coaching data to your clients’ profile. With the academy management system, you’ll have your own personalized booking page, and you can set many preferences entirely according to your own wishes and needs, allowing for full customization. 

Download the reference

In the reference, you can read more about Albert Pistorius, golf pro at Country Hills Golf Club and enthusiastic user of ProAgenda. He tells you more about his experiences with the best online booking systems for golf pro's. Download the reference via the button below.

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