Booking a golf lesson in an online system: advantages and disadvantages

An online booking system automates many processes that you would typically handle manually. For instance, using a paper agenda to schedule lessons, sending invoices, or taking calls from clients who want to reschedule their lesson. For all these matters, golf scheduling software can be an effective solution. Sounds very attractive, doesn’t it? It saves you plenty of time, automatic reminders reduce no shows, and you are more visible to your (potential) customers. As specialists in software and golf, we also know that there can be barriers to switching to an online system. In this blog, we will take you through the possible obstacles of using an online booking system and how these obstacles can be turned into benefits. 

Losing control versus the trust in systems

‘We’ve always done it this way, so why change a good working process?’ The traditional way of working often wins out over innovative applications. A paper agenda, which has served you well for many years, gives you the feeling of trust, that you’re totally in control. You can always access it, and double bookings are almost impossible. Nevertheless, the development of online systems and the numbers of bookings and arrangements online is increasing. This is not going to work in the golf industry. An online booking system can become your key to success in getting ahead of your competition. ProAgenda continuously monitors and invests in (the knowledge of) the software, and in this way we can guarantee a safe and trustworthy scheduling system. 

The lack of technical knowledge versus user-friendliness for your client

A direct cause of sticking to traditional planning is most likely the lack of technical knowledge of how to set up and use online scheduling software. You may never have to delve into computer planning tasks as a golf professional, so why should you switch? The answer is quite simple: for your client, who most likely prefers arranging businesses online, the ease of use that they experience by using online golf scheduling software can immediately yield a profit. To help you overcome this barrier, ProAgenda will assist you by setting up the system step by step. And if you really can’t figure it out or if you encounter problems while using the software, the ProAgenda helpdesk is always happy to assist. 

Investing time versus saving time

Setting up an online system, or switching from other software, can be an obstacle because of the time you’ll have to invest in getting the software working. You might be postponing the use of the software because you can think of many ways to spend your time better. Setting up the system doesn’t have to take a lot of time though; actually, you could get the system up and running in just a few hours. Once set up, you can easily adjust your availability, set holidays, or release extra hours at any time. 

The added value of an online booking system primarily aimed at golfers

There are many providers of online booking systems. With our experience in golf, we can make a difference. Our online booking system is developed by golf professionals, for golfers and golf professionals. Unlike standard booking systems, which can be used for any kind of business, ProAgenda is completely aimed at golf. We know the needs of golfers and professionals. We know your wishes and expectations, and we had those in mind when we developed and designed our software to fit your needs. 

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