System update V22.01

Hi All,

We are back, and in this update, we have fixed some small issues that came to our attention.


  • Memberships
    • Academies can officially create memberships for clients.
    • With the memberships, you can set different prices for appointment types (for example, Member and non-member prices).
    • There is a possibility for multiple memberships
    • For an explanation of how to set up the memberships, click here.


  • Specific resource items
    • You are now able to choose a specific item. When you are booking an appointment, you can choose which resource you want to connect to the appointment.
  • Resource bookings in the agenda
    • The resource bookings are added to the client overview. All the bookings from clients are now visible in one overview. On top of that, the resource bookings are added to the diary and agenda.
  • Visibility resource
    • The resource appointment types can now be marked visible or not visible for clients. This way, you can decide if you want your clients to see the resource appointment.
  • Deleting single instances
    • Multiple-day group appointments can now be deleted as single instances. From now on, a single appointment can be deleted instead of having to delete the whole series.


Minor improvements

  • Academy | We have removed booking restrictions from the front office tool. It is now possible ti book outside the given availability of the pro.

  • Academy | You will now receive emails when a resource is booked
  • Academy | Fixed some reports showing incorrect data
  • General | Multi-day event now synchronizes correctly in the external agenda
  • General | The client agenda was loading slower when logged, so this is now fixed


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