System update V22.03

Hi All,

We are back with another update, and this time we added and extended some features. We also fixed some bugs within the system. We are especially excited about the new possibility for your clients to create subaccounts. this was highly demanded, and it is a great addition to the system, making sure that your clients can book you in the most efficient way! Are you just as excited about this addition as we are? Read the article to find out more about this update!


  • Client sub-account(s)
    • It is now possible for clients to have multiple subaccounts with one email address. These different accounts can be managed from one account, making it especially helpful for families.
    • To give an example, it is now possible to book lessons for children from the same account as the parent.
    • To set up the sub-accounts, you must go to the client account profile page and set it up under subaccounts. To learn how to set it up, go to the following article: Setting up client sub-accounts.
  • Membership appliance on packages
    • The brand-new membership feature has already been expanded. From now on, it can also be applied to packages making it possible to make price differences on packages.


  • Vouchers on resource bookings
    • It is now possible to use vouchers on resource bookings. previously this was only possible on regular bookings. This will make the vouchers more versatile.
  • Voucher on group appointments
    • Vouchers can now be used on group appointments as well. Your clients can book a group appointment by using a voucher as a (Partial) payment.
  • Pro availability blocks
    • The pro availability blocks have changed from white to green. This was requested to create a better distinction between the available and non-available time slots.

  • Academy | Logbook search in the custom date range
  • Academy | Resource reminder emails will show the correct branding
  • Academy | Set default academy agenda (branded app)
  • Academy | 0 removed when a resource is not available 
  • Academy | Fixed resource availability issues
  • Academy | Academy agenda order can be set
  • Academy | Client registration via resource is now bookable in academy and ProAgenda 
  • General | VAT changes will save
  • General | Fixed some payment issues
  • General | Logbook item is made when a client books a resource
  • General | Resource is bookable outside the availability of the pro
  • Pro | Fixed issue adding client groups to appointments

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