System update V22.08 - Google and Outlook improvement

System update V22.08 - Google and Outlook improvement

Hi All,

Another month has gone by, and this means another update! We have developed some significant updates regarding Google and Outlook sync, as well as some updates concerning packages! We improved some other features as well, making sure the system is even more user-friendly!

Major improvements

  • Google and Outlook synchronization
    •  Major Google and outlook sync overhaul and performance improvements are made.
  • Packages combine professionals and resources
    • Packages can now be used for professionals and resources combined. The setup also moved from resource settings to general package settings.


  • Empty packages no longer show
    •  The system no longer shows packages with 0 minutes remaining. This will declutter the package overview.
  • Booking outside availability
    • The system allows bookings to be made outside of the pro's availability again. 
  • Improved recurring resource bookings
    • There has been an improvement made to resource bookings. This includes recurring bookings.
  • Client app
    • Improvements have been made to the client login in the client app
  • Fixed appointment filtering
    • Appointments that need a package are no longer filtered out of the appointment overview.
  • New branding
    • We added the new ProAgenda branding to the tools
  • Peak prices
    • Improvements have been made with multiple scenarios concerning the peak prices.

Next up!

  • The new update of the client app is coming, and this will offer an even better login experience.
  • The branded app is nearing completion. We will approach some of our premium academies to do a beta test. Please send us an email if you are interested to be a part of the test.
  • We will reintroduce our feature 'overview and Q&A live stream'. We will start with this feature halfway through January. You can sign up already with the following form.  

Please keep sending us your feedback so we can keep improving our great system together!

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