System update V23.01

Hi All,

It has been a while, but we are back with another update. This month we focused on some improvements and fixes within the system and have been improving a lot of stuff behind the scenes. Read all about this month’s update in this news article!


  • Subaccounts can now be created from the academy and pro page
  • Resource appointment types are moved to the general section
  • Membership rates are now available for resource appointment types
  • Resource item information added to appointments in pro and academy page and emails
  • Added a price breakdown to clients in appointments to track discounts
  • Client app update


  • General | Fixed issue where resource items had duplicate bookings because of a recurring booking
  • General | Raw export data showed strange results; this is now fixed
  • General | Fixed issue with the client import file
  • General | Fixed issue when clients purchase a package
  • General | Fixed issue where the remaining balance of the currency package could not be altered
  • General | Fixed multiple time zone issues
  • General | Fixed coaching playback issue
  • Academy | Resource item information is added to the appointment in the pro and academy page

We also did some other minor bug fixes in the system to optimize the user experience of the system.

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