About the PGA of Germany

The PGA of Germany is the professional golfers' association for golfers based in Germany. It was founded in 1927 and is a member of the Professional Golfers' Association of Europe (PGA Europe). The association is dedicated to promoting and developing the game of golf in Germany, providing education and training for golf professionals, and organizing professional golf tournaments. The PGA of Germany has a membership of over 2,000 golf professionals, including teaching professionals, club professionals, and tour players. Its headquarters are located in Munich, and it has regional offices throughout Germany.

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Our Partnership

Through this partnership, we will work closely with the PGA of Germany to develop new opportunities for golfers and grow the sport in Germany. We will offer exclusive benefits to PGA of Germany members, including discounts on our products and services, access to exclusive events, and more.

Together, we will also work to enhance the skills and knowledge of golfers and coaches through education and training programs. We believe that by collaborating with the PGA of Germany, we can help elevate the standard of golf coaching and instruction in the country.

We are proud to align ourselves with an organization that shares our passion for the game of golf and look forward to a fruitful partnership.


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