System update V23.02

Hi All,

We are back with another system update and we wanted to take this opportunity to tell you all about the improvements and fixes we've made in this month's update!


  • Branded app
  • Resource items bookable through group column
    • Resource items can now be booked from the resource group column. This allows for even faster scheduling from the academy. You no longer have to search for an available resource item. Just click an open time slot in the group column, and the system will show the available resource items for you to book.
  • Resource booking supports recurrence
    • Resources can now be booked/blocked through the recurring feature. This allows managing shop coverage and managing resources to be easier.
  • Download links added to the email signature
    • Download links to the general mobile app are added to the Email signature.
  • Subscription package performance improvements
    • Subscription package performance improvements when a client schedules an appointment
  • Set resource start and end time
    • Set start and end time for resource agendas outside availability. This allows to have agendas of pros and resource to start and end at the same times
Academy Resource can now be available for the entire 24 hours of a day
Academy Fixed issue where subscription limitations could be overwritten via academy booking
Academy Fixed issue in academy agenda when switching locations systems didn't show the correct agendas
Academy Fixed issue where the first selected date was not adjustable when booking recurring
Academy Fixed some issues with automated refunds and added selection to the academy: Allow pro to refund
Academy Fixed issue where resource shows in mobile view when set as not show
Academy Fixed issue where editing appointment to earlier date was not possible
ProAgenda Fixed issue in the export where adjusted appointment prices didn't show in the report
ProAgenda Fixed multiple issues with Google/Outlook Synchronization
ProAgenda Fixed issue where group appointments didn't show or weren't clickable in certain timezones

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